Painterly TExtile designs & wallpaper with a modern twist:

animal skins and organic botanicals, abstract art.

Shell flower

blue flowers

Inspired by an encaustic painting from the artist's collection - timeless colors with a chinese chinoiserie feel ... A hip, organic, Gracie paper alternative.

Bring the beach to wherever you live with a soothing, spa-like paper. The green-blue background color relaxes and is adorned with organic, shell-colored flower shapes.

BUllfroG skin

Tortoise Shell

When visiting the Virginia Living Museum with my daughter, a turtle's shell caught my eye and inspired this design. Hints of aqua, yellow and purple add deep and rich texture to this paper.

On the Field Trip to Newport News, Virginia Living Museum this majestic Bullfrog caught my eye and I fell in love with the design of his skin. Available in Coral and Steel Blue.

70's Floral

Pink & Green Palm Frond

Bringing old school Palm Beach style back, as dipected in Slim Aarons: A Wonderful Time - An intimate portrait of the good life, with a modern twist. See how a traditional palm frond has been updated to a contemporary design.

Just as history repeats itself, so does design. Influenced by Lilly Pulitzer's bright palette, this floral brings the past to to the present by the larger abstract shapes created from the mirrored repeat.                                       

The Charleston Collection

GREEn butterfly BEetle

GreenButterfly repeat.png

The perfect mirror imaging of nature is captured with invertebrates. And in this collection insects are magnified and filled with punches of color. Around the world, people view the Butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.

Beetle repeat.png

Coleoptera, the scientific name for Beetle, represents growth. In past civilizations, the beetle is seen as representing spiritual maturity. The mirror image is commonly found throughout nature so it was fitting to use an ink blot style with bright colors to celebrate our growth.

The Tribal Collection


24in w x 36in l panel.png

This tribal design was inspired by my visit to Kenya in the summer of 1989. The terrain, tribes, and wild animals made a profound impact on me. This design weds the tusk of the elephant with the low plains and fertile plateaus bringing a slice of Africa to your home.

BrickBrackAB Repeat.png

Primitive etchings found in caves inspire this vertical design. This original encaustic painting is an updated version from my college silk screen print.

Carmel-by-the-Sea Collection

Subtleties pearl ray shagreen


Subtle colors of this design are inspired from Carmel’s sand and sea. The mirrored repeat of my original painting give this wallpaper a contemporary feel and will instantly update the interior of your home.

Pearl Ray Shagreen_tilerepeat_web.jpg

Expand the width and height of your room with this one-of-a-kind design. Pearl Ray Shagreen brings the ocean’s marine life inside with natural colors sure to blend with your furnishings.


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