Sharing Positive Thoughts


From Grace Gallagher:

Executive Director Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation

I have been reflecting on the power of my thoughts. Particularly the thoughts that I have given too much power. At times, it can seem as if I have become a prisoner of my thoughts as opposed to a pioneer of my thoughts - a pioneer who will only allow those thoughts to be a positive force for growth and expansion of my mind.

So how do I escape from prisoner to pioneer? First, I will slow these thoughts down. The only way for me to do this starts with a deep breath. My next step is something I learned from my children. We used to have a piece of paper taped to the refrigerator door that read “T H I N K.” The original use was for my children to think before they spoke. I now use it to navigate my thoughts.

T - is this thought true?
H - is this thought helpful?
I - is this thought inspiring?
N - is this thought necessary?
K - is this thought kind?

I am challenging myself to take the month of February to THINK about the power of my thoughts. I hope you join me on this challenge. I hope together we free ourselves from negative thought. I hope together we can open our minds, our ears, our hearts to a world of pioneering thoughts. Just imagine the places our minds could take us!

Sharing Kindred Spirits

Katherine Tzu-Lan.JPG

The First Step

in Katherine Tzu-Lan’s painting process I discovered while reading about her in October 2018 Virginia Living is ironically the same as mine. We both begin each work with a “pour”, haphazardly pouring watered-down acrylic onto our flat surface. In her case, paper, and mine, raw (unprimed) canvas. This process apparently appeals to each of us as we enjoy the lack of control … the freedom of movement and happenchances that evolve. “This ‘chance operation’ becomes the starting point for the work.” Even though we haven’t met, I feel as though we’re kindred spirits.

Sharing a Prayer for Hurricane Florence Victims

Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.12.34.png

God our creator,

in the beginning your Spirit moved over the face of the waters; the wind blew, and the waves of the ocean were stirred. We ask you now to calm the wind and waves of Hurricane Florence, as Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Enable those in the path of the storm to reach safety, and spare them from all harm. Strengthen emergency workers and stay with them as they respond in threatening situations. Give courage and hope to those who are most vulnerable, especially the poor who have few resources, the elderly and infirm, and all who are alone. Fulfill your promise and be with us when we pass through the waters, so that they will not overwhelm us. All this we ask in the Name of the Lord of Life, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sharing RHome

Rhome18 B.JPG


A big THANKS to Meridith Ingram, Brooke Chappell, Jay Paul, and Lee Hawkins for their Sept-Oct 2018 RHome issue #rhomemag The Creatives!!! And thanks to Williams & Sherrill Interiors for carrying my wallpaper line!! A shout out to Leah Muhlenfeld for her support! All of you have been a pleasure to work with!

I'm loving the process of Painting and Creating Wallpaper. It makes me happy to get it into homes to inspire the creativity that lives inside each of you! God calls us to use our gift ... go ahead!!!

Sharing Ledbury's Blog


Sunday Shirt

My INSPIRING friend Leah’s husband was featured May 27, 2018 in a Sunday Shirt by Ledbury. Love his advice on what he'd give his 20yr old self. Note the background painting by yours truly titled: Not Our Will

Sharing Taking Stock of Your Inventory

3 Paws

3 Paws

 RHome's May-June 2018 issue features a friend's new business. Kim Wright is helping you to Take Stock of Your Stuff. Her company has a software program that allows for imaging and cataloging of your home's inventory to accurately reflect appraisals. Whether for you're settling an estate or insurance claim, her service becomes instrumental. Don't forget artwork ... she acquired my 3 Paws painting in the background ten years ago. For more info about this service visit:

Sharing .... The Artist's Way


To reignite creativity in a profession that can be solitary, a friend recommended an oldie but goodie book by Julia Cameron: The Artist's Way 

Julia encourages artists through Creative Affirmations. Pages 117-118 read, "When a painter is painting, he or she may begin with a plan, but that plan is soon surrendered to the painting's own plan ... we are more the conduit than the creator of what we express."


Sharing .... inside the Artist's head


In HoldStill by Sally Mann, the reader is taken inside of the artist ...

As an artist working solo, it's easy to relate to Sally Mann's passage where utter transparency is revealed as she depicts in detail the struggle that goes on inside of the creative process. Beginning on pg. 281-283 ... This freak of a good picture inevitably inspires a cocky confidence, making me think this new project will be a stroll in the park. But, then, after sometimes two or three more good ones, the next dozen are duds, and that cavalier stroll becomes an uphill slog ... So I soldier on, taking one dodo of a picture after another, enticed by just enough promising ones to keep going ... Eventually the law of averages takes pity on me, and doles out a miracle: a good new picture ... dismissing for the time being my panic and despair."  Misery loves company.




Sharing .... Christmas


This poem by Howard Thurman, shows us how to incorporate Christmas all year:

When the song of the angels is stilled,            When the star in the sky is gone,                  When the kings and the princes are home,    When the shepherds are back with their flocks,      Then the work of Christmas begins:              To find the lost,                                              To heal the broken,                                      To feed the hungry,                                          To release the prisoner,                                      To rebuild the nations,                                      To bring peace to others,                                And alas, to make music in the heart.



Sharing .... Enthusiasm


While waiting for the Orthopedic to look at my knee, I was struck by the words on this VCU poster of student RAM fans cheering their basketball team on. It's a quote by Dale Carnegie and is as true today as it was then: "Flaming enthusiasm backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success."

Cheer each other on!


Sharing ... Silence


In reading this month's Town & Country I came across an article that "spoke" to me. And it was ironically titled: Do Not Speak. In our digital charged world, I am not alone in craving peace and quite. This article lists places people pay for just that. Their called digital detox camps as people realize their addiction. It sites the proven benefits of silence from a Duke University study.  They found mice that had two hours of silence everyday, had triggered brain cell development. And in a study in the journal of Heart, found that silence had more of a calming effect on breathing and  blood pressure than even soothing music.

Enjoy some silence!


Sharing at Hollins University

ws closeup1.JPG

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating on the Visual Arts Panel for my alma mater's Career Conference. To kick off the event Tina Wells, CEO and founder of Buzz Marketing Group spoke. There are 3 mantras that she lives by and encouraged the audience to adopt:

1. Assume that everyone has a POSITIVE INTENT

2. Always hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE

3. Choose a solution that is on a HIGHER GROUND - where the most benefit

Great advice for students and alumni alike!

Sharing Japanese Aesthetics

new piece

new piece

Sunday's sermon was the first time I'd heard of Wabi-sabi. It means finding beauty in broken parts. Wabi-sabi originates from Japanese aesthetics and celebrates imperfection in art. Seemingly the opposite of the Western world. As I start a new series, this phrase seems timely and appropriate to use as it's cornerstone. More to come ...

Sharing ... Flaws

Daring Greatly.png

Summer 2012

Daring Greatly - Brene Brown

Perfection is self-destruction. Perfection is addictive. "I'm not interested in hiding my flaws ... it's important to have self-kindness, especially when we fail."Perfection stifles creativity.From Leonard Cohen's song "Anthem":"There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."


Sharing ... Solitude


In February 2012, I was reading Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter. In it she describes a new word that I relate to when painting: synesthesia - an innate condition in which the stimulation of one sense triggers another as well. Mr. Greenberg, art critic, on page 266 states, "The emotion in that picture (painting) reminds me of all emotion. It is like a Beethoven quartet where you can't specify what the emotion is but are profoundly stirred never the less." On page 371 art critic Michael Gibson's review of Joan's June 1982 show at Musee d'Art Moderne Paris on Alfred North Whitehead's view of religion ... "religion is what the individual does with his own solitariness." Solitariness is something most people want to avoid at all costs, which explains why there are so few authentic artists.