Sharing .... inside the Artist's head


In HoldStill by Sally Mann, the reader is taken inside of the artist ...

As an artist working solo, it's easy to relate to Sally Mann's passage where utter transparency is revealed as she depicts in detail the struggle that goes on inside of the creative process. Beginning on pg. 281-283 ... This freak of a good picture inevitably inspires a cocky confidence, making me think this new project will be a stroll in the park. But, then, after sometimes two or three more good ones, the next dozen are duds, and that cavalier stroll becomes an uphill slog ... So I soldier on, taking one dodo of a picture after another, enticed by just enough promising ones to keep going ... Eventually the law of averages takes pity on me, and doles out a miracle: a good new picture ... dismissing for the time being my panic and despair."  Misery loves company.