Sharing Positive Thoughts


From Grace Gallagher:

Executive Director Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation

I have been reflecting on the power of my thoughts. Particularly the thoughts that I have given too much power. At times, it can seem as if I have become a prisoner of my thoughts as opposed to a pioneer of my thoughts - a pioneer who will only allow those thoughts to be a positive force for growth and expansion of my mind.

So how do I escape from prisoner to pioneer? First, I will slow these thoughts down. The only way for me to do this starts with a deep breath. My next step is something I learned from my children. We used to have a piece of paper taped to the refrigerator door that read “T H I N K.” The original use was for my children to think before they spoke. I now use it to navigate my thoughts.

T - is this thought true?
H - is this thought helpful?
I - is this thought inspiring?
N - is this thought necessary?
K - is this thought kind?

I am challenging myself to take the month of February to THINK about the power of my thoughts. I hope you join me on this challenge. I hope together we free ourselves from negative thought. I hope together we can open our minds, our ears, our hearts to a world of pioneering thoughts. Just imagine the places our minds could take us!